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Welcome to the home of the Virtual United States Space Program, the second longest operating virtual space agency in the hobby to date. We utilize the Orbiter Space Flight Simulator created by Mr. Martin Schwiger to perform our space operations that range from launching manned spacecraft into earth orbit, to launching manned and unmanned to the Moon and beyond. The VUSSP has established itself as the best and most impressive virtual space agency in the virtual aviation community. In the near 10 year history of our organization, we have launched over 30 unmanned payloads and close to 20 manned missions utilizing a number of launch vehicles. We pride ourselves on the records and miraculous accomplishments achieved over our years of operation ranging from placing the first virtual space station in space, beating the other agency by a mere few days in a tight race, to launching 3 space probes to the Sun to study it in our Solar Discoverer Program.

The VUSSP sets expectations of its members high and this comes only from hard work and dedication on the part of our members, whether a pilot flying weather for the launch day, or the commander of the mission. Each member is trained to be the highest quality in his/her own field. In the words of a great former NASA Flight Director during the Apollo era, Gene Kranz, “Failure Is Not An Option” and is something we deem as unacceptable.

Each member is expected to exceed and excel in his/her capacity. No member will be left behind. Here at the VUSSP, we strive for the best expected training, while working with real world engineers, student engineers, and experts who do this type of stuff for a living. You will find the best training possible, from the basics of space flight, down to the most minute details of launching to another planet. So, with that said, God’s Speed To All!!

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